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Monday, May 11, 2009

oh, so that was flirtexting?

Flir-text-ing (flûrteksting) [v.]
  1. Any text message sent between you and a boy you would like to date or are currently dating. These texts normally contain flirty, witty banter that typically leads to a date and, if you’re lucky, much much more.
  2. The new first step in dating.

Not only is there an official name for this new form of communication / flirtation, it has now been turned into a how-to book. That's right, everything you never knew you wanted to know about the right and wrong ways to communicate with the opposite sex via text messaging. Wait, let me get this straight, there are rules for being cute and fun in text form? Apparently. Oh, and there's a flirtexting blog too. Ya know, rules at your fingertips, in case you don't want to be caught picking up the book.

Wow...we're going to need to discuss this. Is flirtexting for real? Are we all so nervous about communicating with a cute guy / girl that we now hide behind text messages? Is it a control thing? Are we more assertive via text? Can there really be do's and don't's for this form of communication?

Say what you will, but the writers of this book might just be on to something. I'd say flirtexting is absolutely normal. Everyone does it. It really is a pretty standard first step in dating now. Boys don't call to see if you have plans. They text. And usually they won't text until they're well into their 5th beer of the evening and they'll want to know "what's going down tonight?" at 1am. So very charming.

Regardless of this silliness, flirtexting is just another avenue for girls to over-analyze a boy's actions. With any text from a guy we might be interested in, we will still giggle, blush, consult our friends for the perfect witty response and re-read the conversation over and over wondering what he really meant with that winking smiley.

And if he doesn't respond to a text that we've initiated...yeah, what then? Are flirtexts deal-breakers now too? All kinds of room for over-analyzation in delayed text response. Boys always have their phones on them, you know? Why didn't he just text right back? Didn't he pick up on my sarcasm? Does he think I'm an idiot? Ugh, this is exhausting, it's just a text message!

Ok, I'll admit I might be guilty of flirtexting. Flirtexting, flirt-iming, flirt-facebooking even flirt-emailing. (What? I'm good with words and particularly charming in writing. Don't judge.) The thing about this sort of flirtation is that it's mostly frustrating and annoying for all involved. Really, how long can we go back and forth before we make plans? Why can't he just call? Perhaps guys think there is less pressure involved in texting. Such a cop-out boys. But maybe it does work when done well....I mean, no harm in making a girl giggle, right?

And sometimes it's just too hard to read someone via text. We can't tell if he's serious, being sarcastic, or just dumb. Because let's be honest, abbreviations in text form? Not good. Just don't do it. And now I'm making my own text rules...hah!

So really, my fascination with the new Flirtexting book is a bit self-serving. This is a topic that my witty friends and I have discussed in hilarious detail - re-reading, over-analyzing, giggling, texting no-no's, lamest ever, best ever... I could go on, but I think you get the point. :)

Basically, this book deal is yet another example of how we are just one good idea / blog post away from becoming an internet quasi-success story.

Why didn't we think of this first?!

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  1. "Flirtexting, flirt-iming, flirt-facebooking even flirt-emailing. (What? I'm good with words and particularly charming in writing. Don't judge.)"... HA! I heart you/us/how I bet I could point out multiple examples of what you wrote about in this post... bhahaha