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Monday, March 15, 2010

Just Like Senior Year. . . .But Funner!

Last weekend was the best ever.

Me and Bethany and Angie were reunited with Miss Jamie Leanne! In Atlanta!

In case you don't remember, JMart left us in NYC after getting a really fantastic job back in Atlanta last November. Her departure was sad. And we missed her lots. So we booked our flights for a visit as soon as we possibly could. And we've been counting down the days to our much anticipated reunion since January.

B and I skipped out of work just a bit early on Thursday afternoon, sweet talked a sympathetic off-duty cabbie into driving us to LGA, swung by and picked up Ange on the corner of 52nd and we were off! There are no words for our excitement. You can imagine the squeals of happiness from the back of this cab.

At the Delta terminal me and B followed Angie's "elite status" lead. Security lines? Not for our jet-setter friend. Wait to board the plane with the regular people? Oh please.

Our seats weren't assigned together, so naturally we persuaded the unsuspecting woman from 17B that seat 28C would be just, if not more, enjoyable for her trip. "You girls have fun" she says. Oh...thanks. We will!

We spent the flight giggling uncontrollably. Because that's what we do. We giggle. Lots. I believe we were even responsible for this gem of a quote from our flight attendant - "We thank you for your patience and maturity as we board the plane." Meep.

Oh! And I can't forget the infamous Delta flight security video. Apparently for frequent Delta fliers this video is quite popular. "Oh watch! Get ready, watch!" Ange insisted as I looked at her skeptically. Please see below for said video. I don't know why it's so amusing, but it is. Particularly the "Smoking is nooot allowed" part. Enjoy.

Upon landing in ATL, it was a race to see Jamie. I can't help but wonder what everyone else at the baggage claim thought as they saw 4 twentysomething girls running towards each other, squealing and jumping up and down. I'd like to think it was as magical from their perspective as it was for us.

3 days of complete happiness ensued. Jamie even made an Atlanta playlist for our visit. It was practically on cue when "Welcome to Atlanta where the players play..." blasted from her cute lil Honda Accord speakers as we left the airport.

We clearly had such a great time that I can't possibly chronicle everything in writing...I mean, I could, but don't lie, you'd be bored. So here are my Best. Ever. Weekend favorite moments --

1. Jamie, this is NOT our idea of a basement.
"Look at all this space! There's so much room for twirling!!"
"Why would you EVER move out? Actually, we might just move in!"

2. Sleep. Overrated when you haven't been in the same room with your best friends in 3 months.
"I have to go to the bathroom real bad." "Well...we have one of those that you can use." "Yes, but I don't want to miss anything funnnnny."

3. Chick-fil-a HQ is a magical, magical place. If we didn't think this was the perfect job for Jamie before, we absolutely know it is after visiting.

A lil dark, but we're doing a lil tour of the Chick-fil-a museum!

A collection of classic cars. In the middle of the office space. Cool.

The Chick-fil-a Cafeteria. Wow. And that rumored Spicy Chicken Sandwich? It DOES exist!

4. 2-story Target. Never have we ever been so happy to see you.

B: "Target! Weeeee!"
Ange: "I think you scared that woman..."
B: "Oh, I forget that normal people aren't as excited to see a Target as we are."

Bethany talks to clothes. Don't be alarmed.
"Ahhh, you would be perfect for twirling! It's kind of like me. As a dress."
"Oh look at you, pretty cardi. I will love you forever."

LJ: "What do you think of this headband?"
Ange: "Is this one of those times when you want me to lie to you? Or am I being honest?"

7 spring dresses, 3 headbands, 2 pairs of aviators, 2 pairs of heels, 2 hours, 1 bag, 1 scarf & $500 dollars later, we admit that we are seriously Target deprived New Yorkers.

5. This conversation.
B: "You'd get a lil Longhorn tattoo? Maybe I'd get a horned frog. Shooting blood out of it's eyes. No? Ok, then I'd get 'by grace' on my wrist."
All: "Wait. Bike race? Huh?"
B: "Bike race???? Noooooooo...BY GRACE."

6. Karaoke. Twisted Taco style. Foreign exchange students + questionable 'dancers' + us = one heck of a night.

Ange: "It's hard to dance with these sexy people."

7. It was kind of like our suitcases exploded around Jamie's pool table. Gold stars for me and B fitting our MANY purchases into our already over-packed bags.

8. The Marietta Chicken! It's beak moves. It's famous. Why? We're not really sure.

9. Sunny, jacketless days. Sigh.

10. Spending 3 days playing in Atlanta with my very best friends. Laughing non-stop. Catching up on each others lives. Eating yummy southern food. Driving around singing at the top of our lungs with the windows down.

It was just like Senior Year! But Funner!



  1. I loooooove this post!! What precious friends. Love the pictures. Y'all look just adorable, of course!

  2. 1. Apparently I need to develop an inner monologue of some sort and think through just a FEW thoughts before saying them out loud. Meep.
    2. Love everything about this... except that we're not still all together.
    3. I require copies of allllll pictures, pretty please. E-mail. Necessary.
    4. Jaaaamie!! Wheeeen can we go back to Chiiiicken Moooountaaaaain?! Jaaaamiiiiie???

  3. Bethany Michelle, et all (that's me channeling RR):

    1. Please don't ever develop an inner monologue. What we blog about then?
    2. Agree and agree. :) / :(
    3. Yes please.
    4. Come back to Chicken Mountain! And the Big Chicken! And the Chicken Museum! Chicken Chicken Chicken!

    I missssss yyyyyyouuuuuuuu!!!!!!!

  4. Jamie basement, Jamie basement, way bigger than a normal basement!