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Friday, January 29, 2010

if you have 20 minutes...

you should watch this.
actually, you should watch this even if you don't have 20 minutes.

this is my sweet friend hannah.

she's from dallas, but i didn't know her till she moved to new york. and lived on 83rd street, 1 block from me!

she is ohsocute. and has incredible taste in decorating. her upper west side apartment is adorable. and homey.

anyway, all this to say, hannah had the unbelieveable experience of being on an HGTV design show last fall. after much anticipation, it aired last saturday.

and y'all. she is a-mazing.

completely cool under pressure. she turned a messy room into a functional and stylish and homey space. the homeowners loved her. the design host loved her. (and practically offered her a job on-air!)

i'm so very proud of her and can't wait to see what's next.

so if you have 20 minutes, or even if you don't,
watch hannah on first time design
she's fantastic!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


meet my cousin. mackenzie.
and casey. mackenzie's sister, ashley's husband. (follow that?)

mackenzie is my youngest cousin. she is in her freshman year at the university of central arkansas. she's on the track team. and she sings. she sings really well.

i forgot this of course. i forgot how pretty her voice was. i forgot how lovely she sounded when she sang at ashley and casey's wedding. i guess, well i guess i just forgot how talented my lil cousin was. and that she's not so lil anymore! (sidenote: ashley and my aunt cyndi also sing quite well themselves. these are some talented ladies!)

while she was home in texas over the holidays, mac sang "my redeemer lives" at her church accompanied by casey on the guitar. she posted it to facebook yesterday and i played it no less than 3 times. it brought tears to my eyes.

although i've heard this song about a million times, there is something so innocently truthful about the words coming from my cousin. i found myself caught up in how powerful and real and hopeful she sounded as she sang.

so simple, so raw, so very uplifting. and such a beautiful reminder that my redeemer does live.

thanks for letting me blog about you mackenzie! :) lots of love!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

T-Minus 10 Hours

10 hours to kick-off! Let the Countdown Begin!

Tonight my Longhorns are taking on Alabama in the National Championship game in Pasadena. I've been looking forward to a Longhorn / SEC thrown down for quite some time now and can hardly contain my excitement!

I wish I were there. But since I am not, I'll be in an NYC bar. Full of fellow Longhorn New Yorkers. We'll all wear our orange. We'll all sing along with the Texas fight song. We'll all cheer for our boys as loud as we can. Just like we would in Pasadena.

Bring it on Alabama. We all know how big you are and how you think you're going to stomp us into the ground.

But just you wait. Pasadena hasn't disappointed us yet.