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Monday, September 27, 2010

We're going...where?

Umm...so...what exactly might one wear to a rap concert? I suppose cowboy boots are inappropriate? Or anything floral? And I guess twirling probably wouldn't be acceptable?

Of course these are the questions that we got hung up on as soon as Bethany and I realized what we had gotten ourselves into. I'm a Texas girl and I grew up on country music, cowboys and slow southern twang. That's the music I love best and those are the concerts I attend most often. Rocking the cowboy boots always.

But about 2 weeks ago, me and B attended our first ever rap concert. Jay Z and Eminem. At Yankee Stadium. The first ever concert in the new stadium. And ohhhhh, how shall I put this? It. Was. Epic.

Obviously we were completely out of our concert comfort zone. We know exactly what to expect from Pat Green, Reckless Kelly, Kenny Chesney and Taylor Swift. Those are our people. But Jay Z? Eminem? This was unknown territory. Does the crowd sing along? Do we even know enough of their songs to sing along? Wait, is it even possible to sing along to rap? Hmmm.

Well here's the thing about rap concerts. Or maybe it was just because it was Eminem and Jay Z in concert. Regardless. You don't have to sing along. No need. The energy is contagious. Everyone stands.

These guys are awesome.

Eminem. Back in action.

Oh and he brought 50 Cent.

And Dr. Dre. No big deal.

Then it was time for Jay Z. He is the most awesome.
Jay Z brought Kayne (who I regrettably have no pics of). Who rocked his red suit from the VMA's 2 nights before. He might love himself lots and might have been real mean to T-Swift, but he is a dang good performer.

Then Mary J!! Who is quite fantastic herself.

And surprise! Beyonce! In a sparkly sparkly dress. Eeee!

Dear Jay, you rocked Yankee Stadium. And I loved it.

For my very first ever rap concert, Eminem + Jay Z + all kinds of incredible special guests = really really really awesome. Even if there weren't cowboy boots involved.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Can't. Stop. Watching.

Friday Night Lights. In case you haven't heard, ABC Family is now airing all seasons of FNL. Daily. From the very beginning.

And in case you haven't ever watched Friday Night Lights for some ridiculous reason that I definitely wouldn't understand, I highly recommend you start watching now.

I love this show. So so much. Something about the combination of Texas high school football, teen angst, southern accents, Tim Riggins and Coach Taylor has me completely hooked. And now that I have an episode to watch on my DVR every single day? Weeeell, now I just can't stop watching.

And in my FNL obsession, I've stumbled upon this lil interview of Kyle Chandler (aka Coach Taylor) by Diablo Cody. Quite entertaining. You watch and then try to tell me you don't love him.

You're welcome.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

this is why we're friends

a sunday night exchange with bethany.

translation as follows....

LJ: taylor swift on the VMAs right now!!!!
B: just got home and turned it onnn!!!

excitement expressed via text. and typos. brilliance.

followed by a facebook wall post exchange:

Bethany Doherty
Ahhh!! I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it again... What does it say about me that I feel like every. single. one. of a 20-year-old's songs was taken straight out of my diary?? Oh, T Swift. You are the best.

In semi-related news: I want to rock red lipstick just. like. her. Sigh.

dear taylor,

we're not sure how you manage to write the songs of our lives, but we thank you. and for rocking red lipstick like a pro. even us 20-somethings want to be you when we grow up.

lj & b

and then we went back to discussing party plans for our co-worker shannon's birthday on monday. we baked. minty brownies + rainbow chip cupcakes. a dessert buffet if you will.

this is why we are friends.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Blissfully Happy

"I am blissfully happy right now. Is that a thing?"

I had such the lovely 4-day Labor Day holiday weekend. Filled with sunshine, Longhorn football, running in Riverside Park, karaoke, a very successful visit to Jersey Target, Eat Pray Love, and lots of much needed time with my friends.

Oh! And Michelle came to visit! We did brunch at 44 & X. To which Michelle texted..."Where are we meeting??" My response...."44th and um...10th" Hence the name, 44 & X. Crazy, I know.

We ended the last official weekend of summer with one more beachy day. And it was the perfect beachy day. Perfect weather. Perfect company. Perfectly perfect.

Ok...not totally perfect. In true form, I completely overslept my alarm. By an hour. Angie and Susan were calling / texting / ringing the buzzer at 9A. I heard nothing. Oops. When I finally did answer my phone...

LJ (disoriented, but still happy): Hi!
Angie: Lauren Johnson! Get down here right now! Beach! Susan is picking us up in 5 minutes.
LJ: K. I need 10....

I am impossible.

Approximately 10 minutes later I hopped downstairs into a car full of friends. Who immediately greeted me with a collective "FAIIIIIIIIIIL."

So aside from that lil early morning setback, we had quite the successful beachy day. There was no traffic getting out to Robert Moses state park. We were laid out on the beach by 11:15am. And I was blissfully happy.

I especially enjoyed riding in a car full of girls, westbound on the Long Island Expressway, windows down, radio up, singing at the top of our lungs. We continued into the city...

"Because when do you ever get to drive through the streets of Manhattan rockin' out to Taylor Swift?!"

Exactly, Susan, exactly.

Also. This conversation with Angie happened. It stemmed from a discussion about Eat Pray Love. And it was hilarious.

So long summertime!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

the night we met mike eli

at bowery ballroom! in nyc! after a kickass Eli Young Band concert!

it was an awesome show. and just look how cute mike eli is! i heart EYB lots. i know almost every song by heart. and i particularly enjoy Guinevere. it's probably the most brilliant song ever written. caroline says..."oh just wait till they play Guinevere...." she knows. this ain't her first EYB concert with me. she knows how much i love.

julia may not world's biggest EYB fan, but will always find a way to sing along. "i've learned that with country music, you can pretty much guess what the words are going to be so i can still sing along." priceless my friend.

"i just want a boy who wears plaid shirts and tight jeans and boots. is that so much to ask?" now accepting applications.

julia's attempt to get all 3 of us in 1 photo...upside down. i could switch it around in iphoto of course, but look how much fun we are upside down. adds character, don't you think? so it stays.

you better believe i was rockin' my cowboy boots even though it was crazy hot out. EYB in nyc will always equal cowboy boots. keep coming up north for concerts boys, you'll always find a happy group of displaced texans who will show up wearin' their boots and ready to sing along!

oh yeah. it was also the night i was recognized for being leslee johnson's sister. yep. in new. york. city.

some cute boy who went to pre-school with my lil sis les (she no doubt broke his heart), approached me right around the start of
Radio Waves. "this is going to sound really weird, but are you leslee's sister?" well yes, yes i am. and that is insane that you recognized me here in the middle of a texas country concert in nyc. who are you?