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Friday, February 24, 2012

i (still) collect quarters

just thought you guys should know that even though i finished this book of quarters, they keep making new ones. so i keep finding them. and keeping them. perhaps i need a new book...

here's today's find --

and a following conversation with this one --


oh bethany. montana born, seattle bred, texas schooled and new york city charmed. yet...always PNW4Life.


happy friday friends!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

painting project {the yellow one}

This is my antique dresser.

The very dresser that my Grandad helped fix up for my room in college. I painted it guacamole green when I took it to my apartment in austin. Yeah, that's right. I had a light pink and green room. I'm so cute.

It has been living in my room at my parents house for the past 5.5 years. And I decided for my first big girl apartment in Dallas, it was definitely coming with me. 

But first, it needed a lil makeover.

A bright yellow makeover in fact!

The week before I was set to move out, I came home from work and announced that I decided on yellow for my dresser. And I would be making a trip to Home Depot in search of the perfect yellow.

"Yellow?" Mom asked. 
"Yes. bright yellow. It's going to be great."
"I see..." She was skeptical.

After living with Miss Hannah Kate at 9A, I had learned a thing or two about committing to the color. And let's be honest, this dresser was guacamole green before. Safe to say I have no fear of color.

Hannah also taught me about Behr Premium Plus paint and primer in one. She swears by it. Therefore, it didn't take me long to settle on this perfect shade of golden yellow. 

And the best part? No primer necessary. I just sanded down the edges a bit. And then got to work!

It did end up taking 2 coats to fully cover up that guacamole green. But between me and mom, we were done in a quick day.

I tested a dozen different versions of hardware. Because while I was quite decisive on the yellow I wanted, I was less decisive on the type of hardware that would give it the perfect finishing touch. 

There was also the fact that this dresser is very old. And all hardware would have to be custom cut to fit the width of the drawers. 
Small things though. Mom knows people at the hardware store. Clutch.
Just a quick trip to the local ACE for some sawing of screws and then I was good to go.

 What do you think? I totally love it.
And I think Hannah Kate would be very proud.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Color Running & Other (mis)Adventures

The Color Run. Or the mud run. Or misadventures in white.

Austin, Texas

A weekend road trip with the girls
A quick stop at Rudy's in Waco for much needed BBQ + banana pudding on Friday night
An early Saturday morning wake up call
All dressed in white
Rain, rain please go away
No sun. Clouds. Wind. So cold. Thankful for knee-high socks.
A slow start
A mudslide
Very little color
Some slipping. Some falling. Some squealing. Some cutting of the course.
A less colorful than expected pink finish line
Followed by a very colorful victory dance / photo shoot
A slightly messy car ride back to the hotel
Sorry about the pink bathroom Doubletree, maybe it adds character

A few other notable Austin weekend activities...

A visit with sweet Baby Cambry and her mama

Trudy's for Mexican martini's. Just like old times.

Parallel parking. (no photographic documentation)
lj: right. can someone else pleeeease do this?
lindsey: nope. you've gotta learn sometime.
lj: and you're sure that now is that time?
lindsey: cut it all the way to the right!!
lj: what do you think i'm doing?!?
Thanks roommate for the "tough love."
I'm confident I will never ever again be allowed to drive on road trips. Eeek.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Leslee + Keith {the details}

I've had this lil post to share the details of my sister's wedding half-written for, ohhhhh, maybe 2 months now. Apparently I got busy and never finished it until now. Oops.

But! Better late than never, I say! Or maybe someone else says?

Regardless. Slightly delayed? Sure. But still necessary? Totally.


A gchat conversation with the new Mrs. Marcom today. Just because it made me collapse into a fit of giggles -
LJ - important. those 3 lovebird towels from anthropologie i gave you? where did we have those at the wedding? guest book, cake, and where? help!

Mrs. Marcom - where were the towels?? why? by the cake, the sign in table, there was a 3rd one....where was that one?


Mrs. Marcom - NO WE ARE NOT

We put some serious effort into the details of Leslee's big day. No joke. Everything was carefully considered, thoroughly thought through, analyzed and over analyzed before final decisions were made.

The result was a charming / vintage-y / antique-y / semi-DIY event that we still can't believe we pulled off!

These are a few of my very favorite touches!

Welcome bags when you checked in at the hotel.
Totally sets the scene.
Alright, maybe just for fun. And late night snacking.

These flower arrangements.
On each of the family aisles at the ceremony.

Bouquets of white roses, complete with photos of our grandparents.
With one red rose for love. Just like Grandad always gave.

Our lil niece walking down the aisle in her pretty princess dress that she just adored. 
Tossing silk plum flower petals onto the white petals that already lined the aisle.

The candle holders for the Unity Candle and side candles. 
They are milk glass antiques.
That mom and I found at First Monday in East Texas on a steamy day in July.

Those lanterns!
Les picked them out to give her ceremony stage a bit more wedding-like structure.

The guestbook table.

Guests wrote their happy wishes to the new couple and dropped them into the birdcage.
Lovebirds towel #1 - "They fell in love"

This entire ballroom.
It turned out perfectly! So much better than we could have ever imagined.
Don't you love??

Plum pashminas tied on every other chair back.
We used these instead of silk sashes to add a lil color to the room.

Leslee loves pashminas. She wears a different one almost every day.
So she thought it would be such a fun gift to give her guests pashminas as favors.
Brilliant, yes?
Each pashmina had a "Thank you" tag tied to it for the guests to take with them.

Even better? These pretty plum versions came all the way from the garment district in New York!

The bride and groom M chargers. 
I suppose they could have their very own special place-settings on their special day.

These place cards. 
Purple bird stamp on the right = chicken. Gray bird stamp on the left = Beef.
Of course.
Mom stamped and I hand-wrote all 200 of them.
Worth it.

The centerpieces. Oh we loved them. 3 different milk glass or clear vintage vases. Or! Lantern + roses + candle combo. Turned out so pretty!

The entire cake table!
Bride & Groom champagne flutes, pretty white cake with bows (I love bows right now!), handy man tool box cake, lovebirds towel #2 - "They got married"

These KML letters.
Spray painted gold and also perfect for the table assignments.

Note: Lovebirds towel # 3 - "They lived happily ever after" - was at the gift table. Which was also just lovely. 
However, I can't seem to find any photos
(read: my sister hasn't quite shared those with me yet)
So if and when I get my hands on them, I'll share!

 Oh. And then there was this dress.
How do you forget the gorgeousness of this dress??

Simply stunning!