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Monday, November 19, 2012

A {super fun} weekend of driving across DFW

A recap of the weekend when I drove entirely too much. All worth it. But still. No more driving for awhile. If you want to see me. You can come to me. Kidding, kidding. {kind of}

I spent Friday in Fort Worth with some of my favorite Horned Froggies. Celebrating Stephanie and Nick! Mr. and Mrs. Wilkinson.

While the MOH performed her sisterly hostessy duties, I hung out with this guy. You may know him. He's got a new book out. The Cloak Society. Book one of a three book trilogy in fact. No biggie. Jeremy Kratz. He's pretty great. {shameless plug}

We had a really fantastic Ft. Worth evening. Joe T. Garcias. Some loungy bar I can't remember the name of. And a pit stop on the way back to our hotel. Oh those Horned Frogs...

Saturday afternoon I left Fort Worth and those Froggies to their football and drove my way across north Texas to Addison. It was BFF Lindsey's couples shower, with a twist. Bowling party! 

Where we all rocked our team colors and bowled our lil hearts out. Fact: I am a terrible bowler. Another fact: Susanne and Jessyca used to work at the bowling ally. They also both won awards. I'm convinced the competition was fixed. 

Such a fantastic idea for a couples shower. General consensus: huge SUCCESS. We had a great time!

After bowling, on Saturday night I drove over to Coppell to check on my sister / parent's dog. They were out of town. And I was on Sydney duty. Never mind that I am not her most favorite Johnson and sometimes she tries to eat me....She was on good behavior though. Luckily. Otherwise, no food for her!

This is her cute "please-don't-leave-me-here-alone" face.

Then I drove back to Dallas. To Bekah's for a lil bonfire and wine and pizookie cookie + Blue Bell action with friends. Yum!

Sunday morning I was up early and back to the suburbs. Beyond the suburbs actually. To Lantana, Texas. Ohmygosh-itsveryfar. But not to worry. There was brunching to be done. And mimosas to be had! With the Doherty's and their #NickMarriedSteph weekend guests. Love them all.

Dear Bethany, please come back to us. For keeps.
Texas {and lj}

The rest of Sunday was spent in Coppell at my parent's house where I spent a few hours snuggling Baby Luke. And watching his newest trick - laughing and "talking." 

And then I made the 30 minute drive back to Dallas. And promptly collapsed into my bed.

Phew. No more driving. Until Thanksgiving. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Cowboys vs Giants

Also on Halloween Weekend: My first Dallas Cowboys football game.

I know, I know. Big things. 

It was my second time to this crazy stadium affectionately referred to by Texans as Jerry World. First time was to see Taylor. So that doesn't count. Because wowza, this game was some kind of production. So many lights. So many dancing girls. A little bit of football. 

While the Cowboys didn't come through for us this time, it turned out to be a pretty good game. Better for the Giants of course. And my super awesome iPhone5 got some great pics. Check out the panoramic situation. Worth the upgrade? I think yes.

And I tried to get a good shot of the platforms above our seats. Where there were spirit dancers and drummers for our entertainment. Because the game wasn't enough? Hah!

What a good Sunday.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Halloween {the weekend}

Halloween kind of snuck up on me after spending a week in NYC. 

But not to worry. Between exhaustion from best friends in the city, an impromptu night with Carrie, and you know work and stuff. Not to worry. I was able to pull together a costume in time for Friday night festivities.

I spent both Friday and Saturday night dressed up as a 1950s housewife. Fighting off Katniss Everdeen, Naked Old Guy and countless other characters.

Cheryl hosted her annual party. She was a peacock. And it was awesome.

Elaine was a koala...her pouch was quite handy for carrying cupcake wine. Her boyfriend was the tree. Most creative couples costume award.

Double rainbows, koala + tree, hunted by Katniss. Nora doesn't do costumes. But we were glad she was there.

And then this crew of a housewife, rockstar, Katniss + Nora went to Velvet Taco for a lil snack. Where we ran into Owen Wilson. Like the real life one, not in costume. He and Katniss had quite the conversation...about Dallas private schools? Not awkward at all.

Then it was Saturday night costume repeat at Stan's. 
When the Tepper's throw a party, they never disappoint. 

Also, I was attacked by Old Naked Guy. (aka Dub Daggett)
And Liz was a pink crayon!


Oh. And nephew Baby Luke was all of the below. 
His mom couldn't make up her mind. 

And then he was worn out. 
Presumably from his mother playing dress up with him.

Sorry he hijacked my bloggy. 
But not really sorry. Because he's so cute I can't help it. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Carrie! {blown away tour}

Spontaneous country music on a Wednesday night? Wait, sorry? Carrie? As in Carrie Underwood? 
Oh yes. That will do.

Co-worker conference call: Hi Lauren, what are you doing tonight?
LJ: Oh just a lil happy hour with Lindsey...what are y'all doing?
Co-worker: Oh yeah? What are you doing after?
LJ: Ummm...going home?
Co-worker: Maybe you want to go see Carrie Underwood instead?
LJ: TONIGHT?! Yes. Yes, that will do.

Let's be very clear on one thing. Carrie can SING. And sing she did, for a solid hour and a half. We're still not sure how she didn't pass out. 

She had only five outfit changes - and one was shorts and a t shirt. We were expecting more. But she also flew across the crowd perched on a glass bottom platform. We weren't expecting that. 

 She brought out Hunter Hayes to sing with her. He is adorable. And we immediately loved him. Who cares if he's twelve?

The best part - her Remind Me duet with Brad Paisley. It was almost like he was there. I mean, come on, it's kiiiiinda like he's on stage with her. That's cool.

 And of course she closed with Blown Away. Twister, blowing down house and all. So good.

  I wish I had pictures of the hilarious man sitting to my left. He was alone. Wearing an Affliction serpent t-shirt. Clapped aggressively. Loved Carrie unconditionally. The situation was hilarious.

Thanks for sharing your Wednesday night with us Carrie. Loved it much!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Back to New York, New York

Remember the time I accidentally bought a plane ticket departing on the wrong day? Always a fear, never a reality? Until this time. Whoops.

A literal gchat convo with Bethany on Sept 25
Bethany: ahh! speaking of! when are your flights? times, etc?
Me: oh yes, i shall email you flight times right meow.
i get there thursday afternoon and leave monday morning very early
Bethany: WEDNESDAY?!!!! umm. lj.
Me: well shoot
Bethany: itsayswednesday
Me: actually. wednesday. right.
Bethany: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahh
Me: damnit
Bethany: sorry. not laughing.
Me: i am
Bethany: but actually laughing.
Me: hahaha
Bethany: because it means more play time?!
Me: mehhh, i'm totally ok with it
Bethany: good thing you have me
So that begins my story. Off to a real good start. BONUS DAY.

You'd be surprised how quickly 5 New York days fill up with things to do and people to see and places to eat. The crisp October weather was perfect. Just what I'd been craving. New York was as charming as ever. I strolled the streets and soaked up the sites just like I never left. I suppose that feeling will never go away. Or maybe it does. Someday... But that's another story for another day.

For now, 5 days of New York City. 5 days of headphones in, music up, subway rides, neighborhood strolls. 5 days of best friends. 5 days of staying up too late, eating too many treats, giggling entirely too much. 5 days of pretty great.

Some highlights...

East Village dinner at a fun new place with this crew. Longhorn reunion! (plus husbands, fiances and Bethany!)

Strolling SoHo with Sue! We did some good shopping. And she introduced me to Alex & Ani. New addiction.

Happy houring with these fools. We are good at happy houring. (not pictured: sam + other former co-workers who are awesome. also, yellow cardi. a casualty.)

Upper West Side Friday with my BFF. Shake Shack. Mani / pedis. Banana pudding at Magnolia Bakery with Krista - who had BIG news to share, YAY!! (not pictured: West Village pizza, wine and gelato with Jenna & Nick. Followed by Whiskey Tavern with Caroline, Katy and Mike.)

Sunny Saturday. Brunching at an old faithful. Strolling. Street fairs. Cheering for the TCU Froggies. Cheering for the Longhorns. NYC style!

Question: "what's an insomnia cookie and do i need one?"

Sunday funday! Girliest of all girly brunches surrounded by purple whimsical everything at Sugar & Plumm. Brooklyn flea treasure hunting. We love treasures. And Brooklyn is pretty neat too.

Sunday night dinner date with old 9A roomies and good friends. Pio Pio! So delicious. So much green sauce.

5 days fly by I tell ya.

I'm sure Bethany was happy to get me out of her space. Such a big thanks to Jessyca for meeting me on Wednesday to drop my bags. Such a big thanks to Bethany and Kristen for letting me stay and play for 5 days.

Oh New York. I'm thankful those city streets still feel like home. And so many friends that still feel like family.

Be back soon! Promise!