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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Halloween {the weekend}

Halloween kind of snuck up on me after spending a week in NYC. 

But not to worry. Between exhaustion from best friends in the city, an impromptu night with Carrie, and you know work and stuff. Not to worry. I was able to pull together a costume in time for Friday night festivities.

I spent both Friday and Saturday night dressed up as a 1950s housewife. Fighting off Katniss Everdeen, Naked Old Guy and countless other characters.

Cheryl hosted her annual party. She was a peacock. And it was awesome.

Elaine was a koala...her pouch was quite handy for carrying cupcake wine. Her boyfriend was the tree. Most creative couples costume award.

Double rainbows, koala + tree, hunted by Katniss. Nora doesn't do costumes. But we were glad she was there.

And then this crew of a housewife, rockstar, Katniss + Nora went to Velvet Taco for a lil snack. Where we ran into Owen Wilson. Like the real life one, not in costume. He and Katniss had quite the conversation...about Dallas private schools? Not awkward at all.

Then it was Saturday night costume repeat at Stan's. 
When the Tepper's throw a party, they never disappoint. 

Also, I was attacked by Old Naked Guy. (aka Dub Daggett)
And Liz was a pink crayon!


Oh. And nephew Baby Luke was all of the below. 
His mom couldn't make up her mind. 

And then he was worn out. 
Presumably from his mother playing dress up with him.

Sorry he hijacked my bloggy. 
But not really sorry. Because he's so cute I can't help it. 

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  1. i want to play dress up with baby lukey! and you, of course. but that goes without saying.