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Monday, September 24, 2012

Some things I bought last week

{some things I bought last week}
In no particular order

This new Kendra Scott ring. And this new Essie color - "Miss Fancy Pants" it is reminiscent of "Chinchilly," one of my all time fave grays. I love both of these things.

I bought this color for my sister - "Smokin Hot." As if she has time in her life to paint her nails anymore. Speaking of my sister. Her son, my new nephew, is just darling. He is now 5 weeks old and I spent all day yesterday snuggling him.

A pretty new dress from Anthropology. To wear to my high school reunion this weekend. 10 years. Meep.

A plane ticket to NYC. To visit my friends and my city. After Rachel Berry sang "In a New York State of Mind" on Glee last week, and I may or may not have had tears in my eyes, I promptly texted BFF Bethany and booked a flight for October. New York fall, here I come!

An iPhone 5. Because my iPhone 4 was a required purchase 2 years ago after an iPhone 3G-lost-in-SoHo-tragedy. And it just hasn't been the same since this catastrophic pedicure day last December. I got a white one. Judge if you will, but I like the white. It will match my iPad and my MacBook. I like to coordinate. And it will be here in 3 weeks. Which is just fine with me and requires no extra effort on my end. Been there, done that. 4 years ago. At 5:30am. I'm older and wiser now.

And that is all for today. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Deleted Scenes {Part 11}

An elevator conversation at work.
Headed back from Whole Foods, salad in hand....at 3pm.
Friendly elevator guy: So how is your Monday? 
LJ: Well...I'm just now grabbing lunch...and it's 3pm. So I'll let you decide. 
Friendly elevator guy: Hah, well seems to be a trend around here...we're just coming back ourselves. 
LJ: Yep. Just one of those days I guess. When you gotta run out for lunch for just a minute. Or you might start throwing things at people... 
Friendly elevator guy: Exactly! 

There ARE some people out there who get me.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Meet Baby Luke.

A formal introduction to the newest love of my life. 
Meet Baby Luke.

Luke Gerald Marcom

My new nephew.
Son of my beautiful sister and her husband. 

Cousin of these two munchkins - Sloan Elizabeth & Tyler Allen

He is currently 16 days old. And I have a photo {or five} for every one of those days. 

princess sloan meets cousin luke
{p.s. i LOVE this one} 
maybe 4 hours old. cuddling.
He is just perfect. 
Big dark eyes, full head of hair, spitting image of his daddy.

day 2 - hospital lunch date
day 3 - going home
day 3 - made it!
day 4 - pediatrician visit
day 5 - sleeping with daddy
day 6 - milk drunk
one week - with la la
day 8 - because sister was sleeping and a self-pic was necessary 
day 9 - big bed, tiny luke
day 9 - sleepy face
day 9 - found thumb
day 10 - sleepy pic of the day
day 10 - baby elephant bath time
day 11 - where sister almost forgot my "pic of the day"
day 12 - cuter and bigger every day
more day 12
day 13 - almost game day
day 14 - tummy time with the owls
two weeks - back in my arms
day 16 - sporty swaddle love

 Welcome to the world Baby Luke! 

You are such a sweet blessing. And we're all so very happy to meet you!