- each embraces New York with the intense excitement of first love, with the fresh yes of an adventurer -

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

a list

of nothing in particular.

1. it is far too cold in nyc to do anything right now. it's a biting, painful, miserable cold. and it's been confirmed by someone important that this is indeed the coldest new york winter in about 6 years. neat, huh?

2. latest obsession: garrett hedlund in Country Strong. that's right, i said it. talk about one good looking boy, rockin' a cowboy hat, playing a guitar, and his voice? oh my.

3. loving the amount of time i've been to spending with my fab and ohsotalented roomies lately. have i mentioned how great they are? linds designs pretty clothes and hannah designs pretty spaces like this one. they are pretty neat gals. and i'm happy they're my roomies.

4. only 3 more movies on my "movies-to-see-before-the-oscars" list. i like movies, don't judge. and let's be real, it's been too cold for much else this month. next up: True Grit.

5. i'm also totally loving everything happening at hillsong nyc (my new church) right now. it's good for my soul.

6. i'm off to texas on thursday to play maid of honor with my sister, the bride. and i'm pretty excited about it. of course, this week's winter storm is threatening my travel plans. fingers crossed for no cancellations. or i will be a very sad girl.

7. the longhorn bball team is kicking butt and taking names this season. i like this.

8. i don't think i've taken off my infinity scarf(ves) since i got them for christmas. good thing i have two.

9. monday night bible study is back in full swing at 9a. and it's better than ever. and followed by brad the bachelor in his 2nd nationally televised search for love. monday nights are good i tell ya.

10. oh, and daddy texted me last week to watch this Thompson Square music video for new song "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not." when i asked what kind of music, he responded, "well it's country of course honey." hah, shoulda known. they're good, i immediately sent to friend, and fellow lover of country music, lindsey in texas for her thoughts. we're in agreement. we like.

11. i'm pretty ready for february. because it means we're one month closer to spring. and bearable temperatures.

and that is all. for now.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I would like that too, please.

Is this what happens when you get engaged?
Blue Tiffany boxes perfectly tied up with white bows just start showing up?
If so, I would like to do that.
Get engaged. That is.
Mostly for the pressies.

This pretty blue box of pretty champagne glasses arrived at co-worker Shannon's desk last week. She was blown away. Better start making your "Thank You" list now Shannon!

Between Shannon's engagement gifts and Lil Les' real time wedding planning updates from Dallas, I'm finding it real difficult to talk about much else these days. Daily wedding chatter has completely taken over. Productivity may or may not be suffering.

We're already planning our trip to Columbus in September to celebrate Shannon and Marc. There apparently will be Ohio State tailgating involved. A wedding + college football? Oh yes please.

And it continues. Sooooo much happiness.

Monday, January 10, 2011

It's been 2 weeks.

Only 2 weeks since I've been back in New York. And wedding planning from 2 different states is already proving to be quite entertaining.

An email from my sister The Bride last week...
To: ljohnson
From: LMJ
Subject: :)

Call me immediately.

The follow-up conversation with my sister, The Bride...

LJ: Oh hi. Did you need me?

The Bride: I called your cell. I called work. I texted. I emailed.

LJ: I don't respond well to demands such as, "call me immediately."

The Bride: That's not a very "Maid of Honor" thing to say. You're supposed to be available when I need you.

LJ: Oh puh-leeeeeze. How'd it go today?

The Bride: Ohmygosh, I'm obsessed.

LJ: I won't say I told you so. Buuuut I would like a little credit on this one.

The Bride: No way. I'm the one who found him. And I'm obseeeessed.

I love it. Love it so much.
One big decision made. 1 million more to go.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Tales From Far Far Away

This week Suva, Fiji popped up on my bloggy Google Analytics. I smiled, because I knew just who it was in Fiji that was checking in. Angie. My Round-the-World traveler friend.

And it occurred to me that she really was halfway around the world. Literally.

Right up until her departure from Hawaii last week, I continuously asked her if she was SURE she wanted to do this. To this her response was "Well...I'm already halfway around the world. So I guess I'll keep going." Oh fine.

I had a chance to chat with her quickly last night.

I won't give too much away, because I know she'll have lots to say in her own bloggy recount of her Fijian adventures. But I just can't help but share this lil piece of our conversation with you. Partially because I miss her and want her to know this. But mostly because it's kind of hilarious --
Angie: I nearly got bonked in the head by falling coconuts today

LJ: hahahahaha. you so would have that happen to you.

Angie: I also accidentally drank bugs
and a gecko scared the bejeesus out of me on my bed

LJ: you have a shacker!

Angie: yes, a lizard shacker

LJ: did you scream?

Angie: I sure did
and I ate goat
so, it's been pretty cultural so far
Cultural. Yes. I'd say that's how you can best describe Fiji.

If you're not already, I suggest you follow Angie on her round-the-world journeys. She's highly entertaining. And only slightly crazy.

Monday, January 3, 2011

soooo much happiness

there was soooo much happiness before christmas this year. daddy's surprise birthday party. a visit to the ice show. oh. and this.

i'd been freaking out about this happening for a good 3 weeks since thanksgiving. completely. freaking. out.

y'all know my lil sis, leslee. see her sass? i'd like to think she gets that from me. and she keeps me on my sassiest toes when i'm at home. always.

and this boy with her? that's keith. y'all know him too. he's been hanging around for quite some time. i'm pretty sure i've known the kid for most of my life. he's just always been there. he's a really good guy. and he is my lil sister's forever.

december 23rd, 2010
he asked.
at our parents house. in the living room.
where they started. where he hung out when they were too young to drive. where he picked her up and dropped her off when they were 16. where they kissed goodnight. where they sometimes fought. and most importantly, where they fell in love.
and she was shocked. she looked at me with tears in her eyes, her hand in the air and a look that said, "what is happening right now?!?"
he was shaking. she was crying.
then she said yes.
and it was perfect.

my email exchange with keith earlier in the day...
lj: eeeeee! she's still not feeling well! no make-up or real clothes. want me to make her get dressed or something?!?
keith: i think this will make her feel better.

my small hints to les....
les: lauren will you repaint my nails for me?
lj: oh yes! let's do that right now!
les: nahhh, we can do it tomorrow...
lj: are you sure?!? i can do it now!

fail! she was sitting on the couch reading a magazine when he walked in the door. she's hard to surprise, that girl. but he did it. she was absolutely and completely shocked when he got down on one knee.

good thing she gets real pretty real quick. :)

when she stopped crying, all the texts had been sent, the phone calls made and the pictures taken, we went out for celebratory champagne. necessary! this didn't stop her from breaking down into tears anyway. happy tears of course. tears and smiles.

on christmas eve we had our annual game night. i lost my pictionary partner this year. it may not sound like much, but it's just the beginning of a lot of big changes for us.

i guess i knew i'd have to give her up eventually. i just didn't know how hard it would be. and i guess i thought i had more time. i always thought i'd live in texas when it happened. and we'd plan everything together and...well i guess don't really know what i thought. or maybe i was in denial. so in all honesty, i'm kind of an emotional mess. but maybe that was to be expected too. she is my lil sister after all. and even though i love keith lots and already feel like he's a part of my family, these are going to be some hard changes for me. i'm not sure i'm ready to give her up quite yet.

the rest of the week was filled with announcing their news to our family and friends. who all cried and cheered and congratulated them. it made me giggle to see her uncomfortable with all eyes on her. les has never been the shy kind. right, les?

the day before i left to come back to new york, her ring was at the jeweler getting tightened. sad faces for no more ring pictures.

ok. enough gushing. (for now) i am ohsoexcited for the future mr. and mrs. marcom! and can't wait to help her plan a texas wedding!

y'all! my lil sister is geeeeeettinggggg maaaaaarriiiiied!!!!

see? sooooooo much happiness.