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Thursday, March 31, 2011


last time i went to texas to visit, i happened upon a few treasures.
pretty pretty vintage treasures.

mom pulled out boxes and boxes of all grandma peggy's jewelery. me, mom and les went through everything. untangling necklaces, matching up earrings and picking out our favorite pieces.

we only argued over a few things...i think.

here's what i ended up with.
a collection of pretty pretty vintage gold necklaces, earrings and rings.

i'm kind of in love with all of it. who would have thought i'd be embracing gold so readily?
i rock a new piece (or maybe 2...) every day. and i get so many compliments.
i love responding with...

"thanks! i got it from my grandma peggy's jewelery box"

it makes each piece so much more special because it was hers. and it has a story.

oh! also found this mirror at the top of mom's closet. mom! why are you holding back all the good stuff?

the mirror was clearly doing no good in her closet. i packed it up bubble wrap and brought it right back home with me. along with a similar oval tray she'd also been hiding.

it looks quite perfect on my vanity, no?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


mom was babysitting my cutie niece last week.
she took this picture and sent it to me.

this is sloan. she picked out her pink I <3 NY t-shirt to wear.
and she said...

"I heart New York. La La lives there."

i melt.
oh how i love this precious lil girl.
she's turning 3 in a few weeks. and guess who will be in texas to celebrate?!?

Monday, March 28, 2011

i like this

i like this. it's a viral video from smart water. it makes me laugh.

and i meant to post this about 2 weeks ago. oops.

still funny!


Friday, March 11, 2011

a slight difference in opinion

a gchat conversation with my sister, The Bride...

Leslee: i like this one

Lauren: priiiiincesssss

Leslee: what do you think?

Lauren: pretty pretty princesssss dress

Leslee: maybe....we will see
you have to stop calling it princess though

Lauren: i will not.

Leslee: it is pretty and i think i like it
and you must.

what? i just really like princess dresses. and i'm not ashamed of this. and i think she should look like a princess on her wedding day. that is all.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Deleted Scenes {Part 6}

Leaving my apartment this morning, ran into both our building super's, Joe and Zoran, hanging out on the stoop...

LJ: Good Morning!
Zoran: Are your mom and sister still here?
LJ: No, they left yesterday.
Zoran: Oh...did they have a good visit?
LJ: Yes! My sister is getting married this fall, so we were running around doing wedding-y things!
Joe: Wait...YOU are getting married?!?
LJ: No no! Not me! My lil sister!
Joe: Ohhhh. Well why not you? What are you waiting for?!?
LJ: Bahaha, oh I don't know...A good man!

And then they both burst out laughing.
I guess I'll just keep waiting.
If you happen to know any good men, I believe my kind super, Joe, will be accepting applications for me.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

liberty of london

Last spring Liberty of London launched their line with Target. Their designs were ohsopretty. And flowery. Mom bought me the pink rain boots, which I unashamedly rock during the cold winter months regardless of their color.

So with this big launch, came big advertisements of course. The Target mega-billboards in Times Square were splashed with all the pretty flowery-ness of the Liberty of London designs all spring. They were impossible to miss.

What did they do with all those colorful vinyl billboards after they took them down? Liberty of London, being the smart and savvy designers they are, recycled the canvases into cutie tote bags.

And my mom, being the savvy shopper and lover of new york city she is, pre-ordered totes for me and my sis.

Now I have my very own piece of Times Square + Liberty of London splashiness. Love it!