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Thursday, June 28, 2012


my twenty-eighth birthday
{in photos}

delightful lunching at bistro n with Rachel!
pretty flowers from Linds!
hilarious emails / texts from angie,
an silly e-card from susan,
a full day of giggly group texts with bethany and jamie - that regretfully cannot be captured in photos.
pretty new clutch arrived from K in Austin!

sparkley card from Michelle - that arrived 2 months ago because she's a missionary in nicaragua and wanted to be sure i had the perfect bday card before she left.
"it's perfect! sparkles and glitter and cowboy boots LJ!"

a handmade card from my sweet niece.
"see, you're wearing a heart crown la la!"
at the top of my dallas restaurant list.

a new toy :)

"an up-hug la la!"

alright twenty eight, let's do this.

thank you very much for all the happy birthday wishes!
and texts and voicemails and songs and hey tells and gchats.
together they all made for the happiest of happy birthdays.
so very blessed.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dallas! {the premiere party}

By some weird stroke of events at work, I ended up with 2 tickets to the TNT premiere of Dallas a few weeks ago. Like, the red carpet and celebrities premiere. Like, ball gowns and photographers and sparkles premiere.

At 4pm, I grabbed co-worker April - we had been talking about this alleged premiere earlier in the day - talked her into joining me for a necessary night-o-fun, and we were off to the opera house with the rest of Dallas' film crowd.

Some things I learned about Dallas {that I maybe should have already known?}
  • When in doubt, shoulda made time to throw on a cocktail dress after work...
  • ...And the highest heels I own
  • ...And probably tons more make-up
  • Meep?
  • A red carpet in Dallas is 20x more friendly than a red carpet in NYC - someone was even nice enough to take our picture while making their way through the crowd
  • The Windspear Opera House is surprisingly super classy with a great view of the city
  • The stars of the original Dallas are like hometown heros around here
  • Dallas-ites are all kinds of over the top in love with Dallas-y things
  • Confession: so am I

If you haven't started watching the new Dallas yet, I highly recommend. And not just because I live here. Or because I went to the premiere. Or because Josh Henderson and Jesse Metcalfe are so pretty. Well. Maybe because they are pretty...

But seriously, it's my new summer favorite. I'm kinda considering watching the original from the beginning. That's how hooked I am.   :)

Well done TNT! You threw quite the premiere party, Dallas style.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Some Summer Concerts

Wildflower Festival 2012

Where Nelly totally rocked Richardson. 
That's right. Nelly. Of Country Grammar. And Shake Ya Tailfeather. And Ride with me. And Air Force One. 

Flashback to 2002 anyone?

Next up: Eli Young Band at Lone Star Park.
aka - the only place high school kids can go to hang out on a Friday night?

Everyone warned that it would be craziness at the racetrack. And crazy it was.

But! I love EYB!

So we went. And we watched the horse races (sorta). Did some seriously good people-watching. Enjoyed a relatively cool Texas summer evening. And after the sun went down, we sang along with EYB to our favorite songs. Love.

 Lovin' summertime in Texas!