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Monday, April 30, 2012

Last Week

Last week I went to....

...a lovely Sunday bridal shower celebrating former New York 9A roomie - and the future Mrs. Lance Villio - Miss Hannah Kate Flora!

...a Monday patio, pizza, cupcake birthday dinner for Kristen!

...work on Tuesday where I won an Xbox 360 Kinect from the FX upfront! Ummm, very awesome?!

....a Wednesday night at the ballpark to watch the Rangers beat up on the Yankees! Our section won baseball cards. And a free Denny's Grand Slam. All around win.

...a Thursday night happy hour with new work friends...at a new favorite bar!

...spend a Friday night with Baby Tyler! And my sis-in-law left me a end-of-the-week, post-baby-bedtime treat. She is a good woman, she is.

...to the ballpark again for Saturday night cheering on the boys with Lauren - with slightly closer seats. Another Ranger win. Another perfect breezy Texas spring night!

It was a very busy week. Filled with lots of happiness. Hannah's Texas wedding is so so soon! I love springtime at the ballpark before it gets too hot and miserable! I really really love all my new friends! And am so happy to spend a Friday night hanging out with my sweet nephew.

Oh! And I got a new big kid bed too. I kinda love it! :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Oh my {she's four}

My niece. The Birthday Princess.
Sloan Elizabeth turns four!

Some thoughts...
  1. No no, she cannot be FOUR. She was just one! And then two. And then three...ok fine. She's four.
  2. I'm old.
  3. I respect her love of dress up. And costume changes. Gotta keep 'em on their toes. I think I lost count at the 5th princess dress of the day.
  4. Yeah...I'm old.
  5. Where does she get that SASS?! It's like she learns from the best or something. Ohsoproud. 
Will she ever outgrow her princessy stage? I sure hope not. It's my favorite. She is my favorite. I adore her.

Princess costume changes for all

Cupcake pinata!!! A very big hit.
See what I did there? Hah!
Princess parade to the castle sized bounce house
Colton only liked the bounce house once the big kids were out. More room for him and his balloon.
Princessy posing with Le Le
Princess cake!!

It's my party and I'll have a giant piece of princess cake if I want to!
More castle bounce house jumping!
Oh Baby Tyler! He's seven months old now. And the happiest lil boy!
The Bledsoe's!
These boys are quiiiite the handful. And are getting so big!

Oh heeeey sassy sass!
Time for the presents!

Learning to play the hopscotch game I got her!

Birthday girl love!

Happy happy FOURTH birthday to my pretty pretty niece!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Friday. Friends. Fun.

A few weeks ago we went to see Dave Barnes at House of Blues. 
Love Dave Barnes. Love House of Blues. Love a lil Friday concert fun.

Dinner at Union Bear in Uptown first. 
And then on to HOB.
(sidenote: I think Dallas is so pretty at night!)

Andrew Ripp opened the show. Newest singer songwriter fave.

Pretty friends. 

Julie and Bekah told me that Dave was funny, but I wasn't prepared to giggle along with him throughout his whole performance. His stories and jokes cracked himself up. Quite literally!

Dave was performing in one room at HOB. And Tyrone Wells (who I've seen muuuultiple times in NYC) was playing in another room. I clearly couldn't be in both rooms at once.

Happy we chose Dave this time, he was so great! 
But was sad to miss Tyrone. Next time!