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Monday, November 19, 2012

A {super fun} weekend of driving across DFW

A recap of the weekend when I drove entirely too much. All worth it. But still. No more driving for awhile. If you want to see me. You can come to me. Kidding, kidding. {kind of}

I spent Friday in Fort Worth with some of my favorite Horned Froggies. Celebrating Stephanie and Nick! Mr. and Mrs. Wilkinson.

While the MOH performed her sisterly hostessy duties, I hung out with this guy. You may know him. He's got a new book out. The Cloak Society. Book one of a three book trilogy in fact. No biggie. Jeremy Kratz. He's pretty great. {shameless plug}

We had a really fantastic Ft. Worth evening. Joe T. Garcias. Some loungy bar I can't remember the name of. And a pit stop on the way back to our hotel. Oh those Horned Frogs...

Saturday afternoon I left Fort Worth and those Froggies to their football and drove my way across north Texas to Addison. It was BFF Lindsey's couples shower, with a twist. Bowling party! 

Where we all rocked our team colors and bowled our lil hearts out. Fact: I am a terrible bowler. Another fact: Susanne and Jessyca used to work at the bowling ally. They also both won awards. I'm convinced the competition was fixed. 

Such a fantastic idea for a couples shower. General consensus: huge SUCCESS. We had a great time!

After bowling, on Saturday night I drove over to Coppell to check on my sister / parent's dog. They were out of town. And I was on Sydney duty. Never mind that I am not her most favorite Johnson and sometimes she tries to eat me....She was on good behavior though. Luckily. Otherwise, no food for her!

This is her cute "please-don't-leave-me-here-alone" face.

Then I drove back to Dallas. To Bekah's for a lil bonfire and wine and pizookie cookie + Blue Bell action with friends. Yum!

Sunday morning I was up early and back to the suburbs. Beyond the suburbs actually. To Lantana, Texas. Ohmygosh-itsveryfar. But not to worry. There was brunching to be done. And mimosas to be had! With the Doherty's and their #NickMarriedSteph weekend guests. Love them all.

Dear Bethany, please come back to us. For keeps.
Texas {and lj}

The rest of Sunday was spent in Coppell at my parent's house where I spent a few hours snuggling Baby Luke. And watching his newest trick - laughing and "talking." 

And then I made the 30 minute drive back to Dallas. And promptly collapsed into my bed.

Phew. No more driving. Until Thanksgiving. 

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  1. haaa! SO much driving! and SO much giggling through this post... shameless plug! froggie hat! mimosas!

    thanks for being there... wouldn't have been a doherty family celebration without you :)

    p.s. nyc said to tell texas (and you) that it feels the same about you. xoxoooo