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Monday, December 3, 2012

Life Lately

Sorry for the radio silence for almost 2 weeks. Whoops. 

I have an excuse this time! {i think...}

I am moving. Again! Or i did move, I suppose. Last Saturday.

After 11 months in our apartment, our lease is now up. It went by so fast! It's bittersweet, but we've loved #322. Well, mostly loved it. Minus a feeeew annoyances. Hah

Lindsey is off to live down the street...with a boy! And I am off to live down the street the opposite way...with some very fun friends. In a house! With a front porch swing. And twinkle lights.

Before Thanksgiving I took a random day off work to paint my new room. I enlisted the help of mom, dad and new roomie, Maria.


 While the blue and green walls are a nice touch, I thought it needed a bit of a face-lift before I got there.  Don't mind dad and his shoulder sling. He just wanted to help out too.


More pics to come soon, after my life is unpacked and organized. Obviously. 

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