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Monday, November 12, 2012

Carrie! {blown away tour}

Spontaneous country music on a Wednesday night? Wait, sorry? Carrie? As in Carrie Underwood? 
Oh yes. That will do.

Co-worker conference call: Hi Lauren, what are you doing tonight?
LJ: Oh just a lil happy hour with Lindsey...what are y'all doing?
Co-worker: Oh yeah? What are you doing after?
LJ: Ummm...going home?
Co-worker: Maybe you want to go see Carrie Underwood instead?
LJ: TONIGHT?! Yes. Yes, that will do.

Let's be very clear on one thing. Carrie can SING. And sing she did, for a solid hour and a half. We're still not sure how she didn't pass out. 

She had only five outfit changes - and one was shorts and a t shirt. We were expecting more. But she also flew across the crowd perched on a glass bottom platform. We weren't expecting that. 

 She brought out Hunter Hayes to sing with her. He is adorable. And we immediately loved him. Who cares if he's twelve?

The best part - her Remind Me duet with Brad Paisley. It was almost like he was there. I mean, come on, it's kiiiiinda like he's on stage with her. That's cool.

 And of course she closed with Blown Away. Twister, blowing down house and all. So good.

  I wish I had pictures of the hilarious man sitting to my left. He was alone. Wearing an Affliction serpent t-shirt. Clapped aggressively. Loved Carrie unconditionally. The situation was hilarious.

Thanks for sharing your Wednesday night with us Carrie. Loved it much!

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