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Monday, October 24, 2011

Burnt Orange & Boots

This is the Texas State Fair.

Home of Flecher's Corny Dogs. All things fried - like oreos and guacamole.

This guy with his Dickies jeans and 10 gallon hat, Big Tex.

And most importantly, home to the Texas / Oklahoma Red River Shootout.

This year, I didn't watch the big game from an NYC bar at Stout or Hill Country. This year was the year of my return. To Texas. And to the Red River Shootout. This year I was right in the action.

Live from the Cotton Bowl at Fair Park:
Texas Longhorns vs. Oklahoma Sooners

Sadly the Longhorns did not quite deliver on their end of the deal. It was sad. But I love the Horns and I will continue to cheer for them even when it's kinda hard to.

Football friend! Hey Linds!
The Texas Longhorn Showband of the Southwest. That's right. They are very official.
She twirls fire batons. It was the halftime battle of the baton twirlers.
Hey Case! It's a growing year. We know this. We still love you.

Alright, so the game didn't turn out as we'd hoped. The day was only half over! After a morning of sportiness, we switched gears a few hours later and headed out to Cowboy's Stadium for a MUCH anticipated concert!

Next up: Taylor Swift!

Confessions...it was my 2nd Taylor concert. And Lindsey's 4th. What can we say? We can't help but heart her!

She puts on a super fun show. And her sparkly, twirly costume changes don't disappoint. She wore 9 different dresses this night. But not like I was counting or anything...

Telling you...everything is just better with boots.
There she is! Hi Taylor!
In dress #2, one of 2 princessy gowns.

Dress #4 red sparkles. About to beat up on that bell dropping from the ceiling.

Dress #6 purple twirly. Slowing things down. At her tree.
Dress #7. Black sparkles. With special guest, BOB! Singing Airplanes.
Encore! In Dress #9 princess gown + Dallas Cowboys jersey.
We were really happy to have glowy sticks. Necessary.
We totally love Taylor!

Whew! It was one very long Saturday! Filled with sportiness and sparkles.

Love Texas. Love Taylor. Love spending the whole weekend with Linds.


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