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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

a fall getaway...

...to atlanta! (also affectionately referred to as, the ATL)

i took a lil fall break halloween weekend to visit former new york bestie, and current georgia peach, jamie!

can't believe it had been over a year since our last rendezvous in new york. and while emails, texts, skype and the occassional phone convo are super easy ways for us to stay in touch, there's nothing like hanging out with one of your very best friends for a few uninterrupted days.

jamie lives in an adorable little house with a red door. one i've seen in her bloggies and was so excited to visit in person!

oh and i finally got to meet this boy. the one who makes my friend so smiley and giggly. naturally, there were high expectations for our overdue in-person intros and i can confidently say, this boy did not disappoint...  :)

we took full advantage of the gorgeous fall weather and spent an afternoon at uncle shuck's. where there were goats. a hayride. corn shooting. and a pumpkin patch.

where we also mastered the corn maze and it's check point challenges. both of them in fact! it was the llama with the wrench at the tool shed in case you were wondering...we suspected as such. that llama was quite suspicious looking...

we also do brunch really really well. we love brunch! atlanta loves brunch like we do too. 1st up - parish in inmen park. food, excellent. decor, just lovely.

and on sunday, we brunched at west egg. with pimento chessey grits. and delightful lattes.

also! looky what i found in jamie's half new / half new york decorated bedroom in her little house with the red door...

photo booth pics with me and bethany! from the joint bday party J and B had in the lower east side...about 3 years ago. some of our fave shots!

B! we have a spot riiiight next to a fave photo of this charming gentleman. i'd say that's an important place to be!

i heart her. and her little house with the red door. and her city that loves brunch like we do. and her boy that keeps her giggling.

thanks for a very happy atlanta weekend J! xoxo!

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